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Friday, April 2, 2010

MAJACRAFT - The New Wheel is Coming!

Here is all I know. It makes yarn. Seriously. The only info I could get out of Glynis was that I would not need the high speed accelerator any more. "The ratios will be adequate for your spinning," she said.

Will it be purple? Will it have spokes like the Rose? Will all my other Majacraft goodies work with it? For now we must remain in the dark.

Mum. They are SO mum.

I will have my new wheel the first of May. Once it has been unveiled at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival (Glynis will be there in person!) I can post photos and tell you about it.

Glynis assures me that I will have it in time for the Minnesota Shepherd's Harvest Festival on May 8 and 9. I'll have a booth there, all my Majacraft wheels, lots of wool, and some Schacht looms. Come and see me (and the new wheel) if you are in the neighborhood!

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