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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Schacht Cricket: Stash Reduction Part Two

The Aura is in a box in my workshop.  Just thought I'd let you know :-)

Here is all the stash reduction I have been doing with my Cricket Loom over the past couple of weeks.  I have scarves, coasters, and even made fabric for the Little Hippie Vest.

I was not sure I'd like weaving because compared to my passion, (lace knitting) it seemed very boring.  BUT I was wrong on both counts.  It is a lot of fun - very relaxing.  I can finish a project in a couple of days rather than a couple of weeks.  I can use up yarn - it takes much less yarn to weave a scarf than it does to knit one.  And I can carry on a conversation while I work (unlike lace knitting DON'T TALK TO ME I'M COUNTING!!)

Yesterday I got a delivery of looms from Schacht.  I have 6 Cricket Looms, a 15" Flip Loom, and a 20" Flip Loom.  If you're interested in learning to weave and prefer to own the best quality rigid heddle loom available, send me an e-mail or give me a call.  The Crickets are $140, 15" Flip is $235, and the 20" Flip is $255.  All of the looms are portable and easy to assemble.  They're made of beautiful, SOLID maple and the kits include a warping peg, 8 dent reed, heddle hook, shuttles, and instructions for warping and a couple of practice projects.  FREE shipping!  And the Flip looms come with a free gift of yarn and a lovely "how to" book with multiple small projects.  Stash Reduction Rules!!


  1. I had heard the pawl placement on the flip and cricket looms were changing -- is that change already in place, or still to come? I'm also interested in news of the 5-dent cricket reed mentioned in the cricket's manual. Thanks!

  2. Hi Amelia! Schacht is working on the 6 dent reed but it will not be available for a few months. All of the Cricket and Flip looms now have the improved pawl placement - the looms I received the other day are all the newest models. Thanks for asking!