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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Learning to Spin, Learning to Weave

I never cease to marvel at the difference between how children react when they see me spinning and how adults react. Here are some typical responses.

Kid Questions: Is it fun? Can kids do that? Was the sheep purple? Why did you take off your shoes? Can I try it?

Adult Questions: Is it hard? How long does it take to make yarn? Why would you spin when you could just buy the yarn? Did it take a long time to get good? Oh, I could never do that...

Guess which group of people is harder to teach?

Is it worth pondering. Why do so many adults approach new tasks with the certainty of failure? Why are they so discouraged by the fact that it takes TIME and PRACTICE to master a new skill? Our brains are marvelous! There is no real barrier to learning a new skill - except attitude.

I am living proof that 1. adults can learn new skills, and 2. adults can MASTER a craft if they will put their minds to it. In under three years I have gone from never having touched a spinning wheel to being able to spin anything I want, spin on any wheel, take a wheel apart and put it together again, and teach others the skill. I am not some kind of craft genius. I am an ordinary middle-aged woman, but when I decide to learn something, I throw myself into it like a child. That's the key. Be a kid.

I CAN learn. I WILL improve. NO TOOL is smarter than I am. I call this the Crrafter's Mantra!

I am learning to weave. (Why not? I have a LOT Of yarn around!) In fact, I have added a Schacht Loom dealership to my business. So far I have made three scarves and nine coasters. I have also spun up 4 ounces of merino with the intention of using it for weaving. Right now I am a Child Weaver, with less skill than the tiny girl in the photo, but that is going to change. I am going to become a GOOD WEAVER. Not overnight, not in a week or a month. It will take AS LONG AS IT TAKES!!

More about Schacht Weaving products later! Contact me if you want a loom and I'll make you a deal you can't resist :-) In the meantime, whatever your craft, say the Crafter's Mantra a few times each day.


  1. I, too, recently purchased a 24" loom and have made: one scarf-like thing, one 'alleged' dish towel and one honest but failed attempt at a baby blanket. I refer to myself as a 'loom owner, soon to be a weaver'.

    I'm having fun, I'm learning something new, and I'm still having 'aha!' moments. Those reasons alone are worth the investment.

  2. does this mean you're going to stock scahcht wheels too ;P!

    James :)

  3. I could order one, of course, but don't intend to stock them at this time. NO ROOM!