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Friday, April 16, 2010

Fiber Orphans, Part One

Our church crafter's group made Prayer Shawls during Lent.  Our goal was 40 shawls during the 40 days of Lent, and we made 47!  They will go to the local nursing home.  It was a great project and a lot of people contributed, both money for yarn and time spent knitting, crocheting and praying!

I made four adult-sized prayer shawls and while I was knitting and thinking about the dear old folks who would receive them, I thought I'd like to make a little prayer shawl for a four-year-old little friend of mine.  She is very girly and loves pink, loves to cuddle and still sucks her thumb.  I had a 4 ounce washable merino roving that was part of my orphaned fiber stash (dyed, but no plan) and so I set myself a goal of seeing how fast I could do  the project.

I divided the wool in half and spun it with a long draw, paying little attention to grist.  I spun what I spun.  After one night on the bobbins, I plied the two together.  Time spend spinning - 3 hours.  I finished the yarn and once it was dry, I started to knit.  I had just under 300 yards of thick 'n thin.

We were using a triangular shawl pattern that called for heavy yarn and size 13 needles.  I figured I could make a mini version using size 7 needles.  I cast on, knitted the shawl, and cast off.  I had ONE YARD of yarn left!  Whew!  Time spent knitting - 3 hours.  It was exactly the right size for a little girl and I have been informed that it lives in the pile of snuggle blankies on my little friend's bed. 

I am working at using my orphan fiber.  I've got rovings, carded batts, and a lot of yarn that never made it to a project.  Please tell us about any orphan projects you've recently completed, or you plan/strategy for using up stash!

More about Fiber Orphans in upcoming posts. 

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  1. Lovely! Four shawls!!! Which pattern were you using?