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Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Some spinning wheel companies create a wheel and never change it except to use cheaper and cheaper parts over the years. I will not name any names, but you know who they are. Majacraft craftsmen and women are constantly working to make the best possible spinning wheel in the world. If they can make a part better, they do it. That is one of the reasons I'm a Majacraft user and dealer.

Here is the breaking news - just came in tonight! The Pioneer has a new look. I've got one on the way and can't wait to put it together.

From Majacraft:
Majacraft as always, are trying to make craft tools that work great and look fantastic too. So based on this philosophy, we have set about changing and improving the aesthetics of the Pioneer.

The base and pedals of the Pioneer are now in solid pine (pinus radiata), similar to the stem. It is a heavier wood than the original plywood so the overall look of the wheel is much more solid. We have changed the finish from a cream wash to a warm honey coloured oil which accents the natural lustre and grain of the timber.

It also comes standard with our new aerodynamic flyer and 5-ratio whorl. And as with all Majacraft wheels it has the ability to fit all of our accessories.

All of our pine timber is sourced directly from our NZ supplier, which is all grown sustainably here in New Zealand.


  1. I love its new look!
    But since mine is almost brand-new (15 months), I can't update.
    Do you sell drive bands?
    It's quite a drive to get mine and am looking for an internet source.

  2. I sell every Majacraft goodie available! E-mail me! stseraphinaknits[at]


  3. Hey Kris - Are they selling this aerodynamic flyer separately? I'm looking at getting a wild flyer - but wondering which is currently available!