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Thursday, June 18, 2009

The UNintentional Spinner

This week I am sick of intentional spinning. For months I've been working on laceweight skills, both on the spindle and on the wheel, and I've made some lovely yarn, but now I need a break. I can tell that I'm becoming anal about spinning and that's a BAD THING.

Here's my therapeutic, non-intentional yarn. I had some leftover Romney from one of last year's fleeces. I dyed half of it neon green and half of it sky blue. I cranked it through the drum carder, but only once. Yeah, there are neps and noils. Who cares? I'm spinning it on my second-to-the-largest whorl, going as fast as I can. It's lumpy. It's bumpy. It restoreth my soul.

Don't spend all your spinning time trying to get it "right". Play with colors and textures, wool and wheel. Spin something goofy. Spin something imperfect.

Spin some yarn that makes you laugh.


  1. Very pretty colors. Are you going to leave it as a singles yarn?

  2. Dude, I haven't decided. I might make UBER-fat bulky two-ply. Still thinkin', but not too hard.

  3. Your spinning is lovely!

    I'm going to give myself a break and spin something that will make me happy no matter what it looks like.

    And in the process, if it turns into something that only the mother can love, I'm going to wear it with pride.

  4. Now, I wish I could see if you made that unintentional yarn into something!??! : ) Any FO out of it??