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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Is Ken the Outdoorsy Type?

My friend Kerry spun the wool for this sweater on her Rose. She used Finn top, spun it fine, and Navajo-plied it to make a fine, fluffy 3-ply. Noting that her daughter's Ken doll (renamed Sven Doll) was looking mighty cold in February wearing only beach gear, she knitted him up a little sweater. She tried out some new cast-on and cast-off techniques, knitted it in the round to the armholes (with tiny gussets!) and put a draw string around the rolled neck so her 4-yr-old daughter can easily get it over Sven's head.

The sweater has the effect of making a hard plastic doll somewhat cuddly. That must be why Sven's dating life has improved so dramatically. Rumor has it that he has ditched Barbie and is now going out with Cinderella.


  1. Sven is definitely looking svelte! The dolls will definitely go crazy now that he's famous!

  2. Sven is looking like a hottie in that sweater!