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Monday, June 1, 2009

Learn How To Make A Mummy (While You Spin!)

This is King Tut. Not bad after 3,357 years, huh?

When I spin and knit I travel through time. My hands and heart are at work making beautiful things for the people I love, and my head is busy learning about the world of Augustus and Shakespeare, and lately, King Tut. I consider the hours I spend on fiber arts as some of the highest quality time in my day. I have a hot pink Apple iPod and it is loaded with great stuff, some of it free downloads.

Here are my three main sources of audiobooks and lectures. Check them out! Turn your spinning time into learning time. You'll be richer for it.

Audible Books - I've been a member of Audible since I had dial-up internet service. There are thousands of books available for download, best-sellers and classics and everything in between. The member prices are awesome, far less than you'd pay for CD audio books at Barnes and Noble.

The Teaching Company - my favorite by far. These are college courses, taught by the best, most engaging and enthusiastic professors in the world. The courses are available on DVD, CD, cassette, and audio download. The Teaching Company always has great sales going - you'll find something you like on sale. Here's a hint. Go to the site and sign up for a catalog. They'll send you two free lectures on CD. I was utterly hooked by a lecture on Egypt - and now I have the whole series and just learned how to make a mummy, in case I ever need that skill. I have to make myself stop listening! I've purchased several sets from this company and the quality it fantastic. If you liked college, but not writing papers or taking tests or reading boring textbooks, you'll LOVE the Teaching Company courses. It's like having your very best professors all to yourself.

iTunes U - freebie lectures from universities around the world. I've listened to several series. My favorites were from Stanford and Yale. If you have an iPod you can download iTunes U courses for NOTHING. I'm not sure if there's a better deal out there.

Happy Spinning!

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