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Monday, June 8, 2009

Little Gem Booties

The instructions that come with the Little Gem say to put a towel on the treadles when the wheel is folded in half to protect the treadles from getting banged around during transport. I've tried the towel trick but a towel moves around. I wanted something a little more secure. Yesterday I made these booties for my Gem. Here are the instructions to make your own.

Out of heavy fabric cut 2 rectangles - 17.5 x 8.5 inches. Fold the rectangles into fourths and trim the corners until they're nicely curved.

You'll need about 2 yds of stiff elastic. I used 1/2 inch elastic. On the wrong side of one of the rectangles, secure one end of the elastic to a long edge with a few stitches. Once the elastic is securely sewn down, stretch it really tight and continue to sew it around the circumference of the fabric, using a zig zag or elastic stitch.

That's it! Do the same for the other one. Gem Booties.

I can spin with the Booties in place.


  1. Nice! I wonder if I should make some for my Rose to save from dings.

  2. Those treadle covers are very nice. Thanks for sharing a very good idea.