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Friday, October 1, 2010

Spun It, Dyed It, Wove It, Sewed It!

I finished Marty's vest yesterday and he wore it to work today.  It looks fabulous on him!

Sewing with my handspun was a fun challenge.  (Here is a link to my post about spinning and weaving the fabric.)   First I had to CUT OUT THE PIECES.  The first snip felt positively sinful but after that it was fun.  The fabric pattern is the same on front and back and so I was able to fit all the pattern pieces on, one layer at a time, without regard to any of that.  It is a good thing my husband is skinny.  I wove this on an 18" wide loom - any larger and the pieces would not have fit. 

Because the fabric is somewhat coarse I had to handle it as little as possible because it ended to fray at the raw edges.  Fortunately the pattern didn't call for any overturned or hemmed edges - the whole thing was lined.  The fabric would not have been stable enough for an unlined garment - I think it would have stretched out of shape.

I lined the vest with rayon lining.  The welt pockets were also lined with rayon.  I reinforced the buttonholes with a strip of iron-on interfacing on the back side of the fabric and sewed them on the machine.  Mom would have made hand-bound buttonholes, I hope she was not looking down at me from that sewing room in the sky!


  1. I would love to know what weave structure you ended up choosing. It is just perfect for this vest.

    Lovely project. You have every right to be pleased as punch. Can not wait to see your next garment.

  2. Thanks! And now, confessions. I don't know what pattern I used, except that it was a straight twill warp. I just fiddled with different treadling patterns until I liked what I got. I thought I wanted a herringbone but the sample didn't do it for me, so I chose this. NExt time I'll take more notes :-)

  3. Very nice! I'm totally saving this to refer to if anybody calls handspun/woven fabric or clothing "rustic".