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Monday, October 26, 2009

Variety in Spinning

My first session of spinning classes ended last Thursday and I realized something. During the entire four weeks, whenever everyone was busy spinning, I sat down to my Suzie and worked on...the same yarn.

Yes, I have spent over a month making 1600 yds of Dorset 3-ply. And it is white. (See photo.) It is WONDERFUL! It is springy, and VERY white (I'm going to dye it) and will make a beautiful sweater.

When I reeled off the last bobbin of white Dorset I decided I needed to do something different. So I threw together some "art yarn" i.e. scraps and dyed locks, leftovers, plied with green silk (also leftover). The art yarn took me two hours instead of a month. I am definitely going to make some more!

I am not sure what people do with art yarn. My daughter tells me some quilters use it for art quilts. People sell in on Etsy. Maybe I'll list it! Anyway, it is all part of the spinning adventure. One of the reasons I LOVE SPINNING is because there are always new things to try.

I'm off to spin some more!


  1. You are so right about having so much to try. My entire goal while spinning is to make usable yarn, and I usually get that.

    But sometimes just one little change in technique or speed can produce a whole new look and that's why I love spinning.

  2. thats great!!! i love the art yarn!

    i felt the same way recently, and i sat down, took a waste batt and just spun it. it was polwarth, and it came out at a good 12WPI single. then i had some waste singles id been experimenting with, so i made a boucle. i took some sewing thread and used that as a binder, and i was really happy with it!

    the change was really nice! i look foward to seeing the dorset after its dyed :)