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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Ashford Traveller, Single Drive, Single Treadle

We did it! Marty and I put the little Traveller together last night. I told him what screw went where and he did the manly labor. I've filled one bobbin and have to say that switching to a single treadle was much less of a big deal than I thought. Perhaps my brain just knows "TREADLE" and doesn't care if there are one or two. That was a pleasant surprise. I was ready for lots of back treadling and frustration.

I've ordered a polycord stretchy drive band for it. I don't much like the string. Once I install the new belt I will do a comparison with my Pioneer, which is also an entry-level spinning wheel.


  1. hi,

    well, my good friend and "streamliner" actually has a traveller just like this. ST and everything. she has had hers for 25 years now, and it does have clunks, but is ok. travellers are pretty good beginning evtry level wheels i think.


  2. Oh, she did turn out pretty! I'm looking forward to seeing her.

  3. Hey do you have any idea how old yours is? I am getting ready to buy one that has a dark stain but is very similar. I'm trying to figure out how old it is. Also, do you like it so far? I've been desperately wanting a Traveller.

  4. Hello! I'm hoping you might be able to help me. I have an Ashford Traveler and the drive band just broke. I would like a new polycord stretchy drive band. Where did you order yours?

    Thanks so much for any help you can offer.