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Friday, September 18, 2009

Woolen Laceweight. Does Anyone Do That?

A question arose in a Ravelry discussion about whether or not anyone makes lace weight yarn from rolags, using a long draw. I was right in the middle of this project, so I added my two cents' cents' worth.

This is a two-ply made from CVM. I carded the wool, made rolags, and spun it with a long draw. I spun the singles with a very high twist, then plied somewhat loosely. This is the result. I plan to make a Shetland-style shawl with it. It won't have the drape that a worsted-spun prep would have, but it will be warm. See all the fuzz? Fuzz equals warm. In northern Minnesota, in winter, Warm trumps Elegant.


  1. Wow, that's never occurred to me. I'm sure it'll be wonderfully warm.

  2. Beautiful!!!

    Why wouldn't one make laceweight from rolags? (This is the fairly beginning spinner in me asking.)

    I did some sampling last month and came up with some singles that, had I double-plied them instead of triple, probably would've been close to it. They were beautiful, but not what I was going for.

  3. Rolags create yarn with a lot of air and bounce. For making shawls, air and bounce are not usually desirable. We want shawls to drape, hang, be elegant. Lace is blocked so the glorious spaces show - it is harder to get a good block with bouncy yarn!