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Monday, September 14, 2009

The Spinning Workshop - Almost Finished!

Here is what I've spent the last month working on - remodeling my enclosed front porch so it can be used as a spinning workshop/classroom. I'm still waiting on the new front door and the electrician. My husband says it looks like a dance floor. Ok, spinning and dancing. That works for me!

Classes start Sept. 24th.

I'm also working on spinning up some dark brown (black) CVM and it is looking like THREAD! My 2-ply samples turned out finer than anything I've ever spun. CVM has quite a lot of crimp so the yarn poofs up after finishing. I'll take photos when I finish plying the first two bobbins.


  1. Your new classroom looks so bright and cheery! I wish I was near enough to take a class.

    And I hope you and your husband get to dance on that new floor, too.

  2. Thanks, Sharon! My husband has been moonwalking on it - maybe I should join in!

  3. Oh man! It looks great! I can't wait to dance on it, since I can't spin. Yeah Moonwalking!