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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Holiday Gifts - Wheels and a Loom!

I have three really nice items in stock that I'm needing to move out before inventory.  Do you know anyone who is in the market for a lovely little spinning wheel or portable loom?

The Louet Victoria Folding Travel Wheel is on sale for $665 ($100 off retail) plus $10.99 FedEx shipping, and I will include two extra bobbins (for a total of 5).  It comes with full warranty and a Lazy Kate.  This is the oak version, see my previous post for photos.

Ladybug!  I've got one LB in the box, ready to fly to her new home.  Regular price is $575 but I will let this one go for $524 plus $12.99 FedEx shipping.  It comes with three bobbins, an orifice hook and both belts for double drive and scotch tension drive.  A WONDERFUL, sturdy little wheel that can do anything the big ones can do.

Schacht FLIP LOOM, 15" Package.  This includes the FLIP 15 loom, THREE reeds (5, 10, 12 dent) shuttles, pickup stick, warping pegs, table clamps, Flip Trap (cloth tray at the front) and the wonderful trestle stand that makes the loom portable from room to room or out on your sunny porch.  The total for this package is regularly $522 (I include some other free goodies as well).  Your price - $439 plus $14.99 FedEx shipping.  This is a perfect loom for handspinners as there is very little loom waste.  See photos - I've got handspun as warp so you can see what it looks like warped.

E-mail me if you have questions!  Thanks for looking. 

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  1. Oh man Is love to own a Schacht flip one day! :)