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Saturday, August 6, 2011


Contrary to rumors, I am not Blog AWOL.  I have just been very busy!  My son got married...that meant I had to weave a bunch of towels as table centerpieces and giveaways at the rehearsal dinner.

The first set of towels was a red/pink gamp.  These towels represented the harmony that can happen in a good marriage. 

The second set of towels were made by using all the scraps from all of the cotlin towels I've made, both for the bridal shower and for the rehearsal dinner.  I made random stripes in the warp and then wove in a twill using mercerized cotton for the weft.

These were the "scrap" towels, and they represented the times in life when everything is going wrong and we feel like all we are getting are the scraps of life - the scraps of our spouse's attention, time, love - or when we feel like we have nothing to give but scraps.  Scraps are still beautiful and useful.  Even the difficult times can be woven together by our Good God. 

The rehearsal dinner was a great success and I gave away a dozen towels. 

Then I had to make something for my nephew's wedding gift.  I made fine linen napkins in a Swedish lace pattern.  I made four of them all white, and one of them with natural linen weft, just to see how it looked.

Whew.  No more weddings for a while!

Our spring/early summer was a whirlwind.  So in July we did a lot of this.

That is me with a largemouth bass.  He was not too happy about the photo and swam away with an angry flip of his fishy tail.

We've got a week at home (weaving, family visits, hot weather) and then a couple more camping trips before school starts, Hubby goes back to the grind, I mean classroom, and the weather is cooler for MORE FIBER ACTIVITIES!

Next weaving project - bamboo towels. 

Stay cool!

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  1. The towels look really great, loved the colors, especially the scrap towels! They were all lucky recipients. Had to laugh at the picture of the trout....

    Enjoy the end of Summer...elizaduckie