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Monday, July 13, 2009

Recycle Your Woolly Scraps

Cut the leg off of a pair of old pantyhose. Stuff all your leftover woolly things (you've been saving them, right?) such as bits of batts, roving you decided to hate, yarn mistakes, into the toe of the pantyhose. Stuff it REALLY tight, then tie a knot above the ball of wool.

Toss the whole thing into the washing machine with a load of jeans or dark bath towels. Dry it in the dryer for at least one cycle, maybe two. Let it sit in the sun until it is thoroughly dry. Cut off the nylon pantyhose.

Voila. Felt ball. This one is the size of a small melon and just a little firmer than a Nerf ball. If you have a dog that likes to fetch (as opposed to destroy objects) this would be a nice dog toy. Kids like these too.

And I like them because they are made from garbage.


  1. Magnifico! A splendid idea! But will they bounce like a Kong ball?

  2. Hey, another idea - make it smaller, like the size of a lime or a medium onion. Then when you're making a 2-ply from drop spindle spun yarn, you wind the two singles onto the felt ball, side by side, around and around, until you've used up all your singles, then spindle-ply the two singles right off the felt ball (you could have it rolling in a bowl on the floor as you ply).

  3. Great idea -- what is pantyhose?

    (just kidding ..)