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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Don't Prick Your Finger on This!

When I got my first spinning wheel several people joked that I'd better be careful not to prick my finger. They didn't know that modern spinning wheels don't have a sharp spindle, unless you add it as an accessory.

Now you can make your modern wheel into a Sleeping Beauty Wheel! Using a stylus, (also called a quill) adds speed to your spinning - the tip of the stylus rotates at a very high rate in relationship to the drive wheel. It is also allows you to spin at a sharp angle to the wheel - for some people this is the most comfortable way to spin.

I haven't tried the stylus yet but this video tempts me. The stylus comes with either one or two bobbins. The magic spell for putting people to sleep for a hundred years is extra.


  1. I've had the finger-pricking comments as well.

  2. I need the magic spell.

  3. Good video. Ive never seen this kind of spinning before.